How to Adjust Stirrup of Western Saddle ? Adjust Saddle Fender Length ?

Today we are going to learn

How to Adjust Stirrup of Western Saddle or How to Adjust Saddle Fender Length ?

  1. We have to find the Blevin Buckle

 how to adjust fender stirrup of western saddle

On the back side of the fender, there is a Blevins buckle, looks like a flat steel loop maybe covered in leather....


  1. Unbuckle the strap.
  2. Slide the Sleeve up, remove the pegs from the holes, and lengthen or shorten. Once the pegs are back in holes, slide the sleeve down to secure.

 how to adjust stirrup on western saddle

  1. Kindly pull the back side of Fender and adjust the fender at right position.
  2. Buckle the strap back to its place.
  3. Repeat the same on other side
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